A Woman Looking at Men Looking at Women
Alina Szapocznikow
Kasia Redzisz

“'A Woman Looking at Men Looking at Women' – the inaugural exhibition at Muzeum Susch, a new institution founded by Grażyna Kulczyk – takes as its point of departure one of her collection’s key strengths, its focus on women artists, to explore the notion of the feminine in its diverse facets: social, political and cultural.

From artistic conventions of female representation through sexual emancipation to the questioning of traditional gender roles, the show addresses many issues central to feminist theory. Yet, rather than reiterating established polemics, it seeks to offer a fresh perspective on the paradoxes of the feminine. In the works on display, the female gaze predominates; the body is a source of pleasure rather than an ideological battlefield; motherhood and domesticity are marked not just by tenderness but also by tension.

(…) ”